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Smile Gallery Dr. Richard Nadler

Al's Smile Makeover

Al's teeth and bite were showing definite signs of deterioration with breaking and worn teeth, as well as porcelain which had been ground through, leaving exposed metal. An implant was used to replace his un-restorable front tooth, and a full mouth rejuvenation was completed to correct the collapsing bite and restore the broken and worn teeth.

Marilyn's Smile Makeover

Marilyn was very unhappy with the appearance of her temporary bridge. An all-porcelain bridge shaped appropriately for her face returned the smile that matches her outgoing and friendly personality.

Cosmetic Patient

This patient was not happy with the appearance of her teeth or the fit of her existing crowns. In particular, she did not like the color of her teeth nor their worn, uneven appearance. Her missing lower molars had slowly but surely led to the drifting of her adjacent lower teeth and opposing upper teeth. Her optimum jaw position was determined, and her bite totally rejuvenated with new porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges. She's very happy with the results and all the compliments from her friends.

Mike's Smile Makeover

Mike's full-mouth rehabilitation addressed his advancing tooth wear and missing teeth using absolutely no metal.

Peggy's Smile Makeover

Peggy's existing laminates were dark with unrealistic color and shape. Her new Empress™ porcelain veneers display beautiful custom shading and sculpting to appear more lifelike and to better complement Peggy's face.

Mandy's Smile Makeover

Mandy had been working very hard to improve her health as well as to "turn back the clock" when she decided to address her aging smile. A complete smile makeover including some lower implants gave Mandy the perfect white smile she desired. And, by restoring her bite properly, her face received the support which had been missing to erase years from her appearance. She's still working hard and now enjoys her confident, new smile.

Sue's Smile Makeover

Sue was one of our team members when she decided to improve her smile. Her front teeth were discolored, worn, and uneven. In-office tooth whitening, Empress™ dental veneers on her upper teeth with laser-leveling of her gum-line, and composite bonding of her lower front teeth gave Sue a beautiful new smile to compliment her beautiful face and personality.

Tarek's Smile Makeover

Tarek's smile was completely rejuvenated with porcelain veneers and onlays which completely restored his prematurely worn teeth.

Tim's Smile Makeover

Tim's teeth had worn to the point where his front as well as back teeth were chipping and breaking. In addition, he had gaps and rotated teeth which detracted from his confident smile. After considerable thought and discussion, Tim decided to go ahead with a total reconstruction of his bite. First, an ideal bite and jaw position was determined. Then his teeth were repaired with beautiful porcelain restorations. Now Tim looks younger and is more confident and ready to meet his most challenging clients. He is one of our favorite “guests” and is so happy that he decided to proceed with his total smile rejuvenation.

Toni's Smile Makeover

Toni's teeth had worn down considerably and her bite had become uncomfortable. She had lost the proper support between her uppers and lowers resulting in a prematurely aged look. Toni's full mouth makeover restored the health and beauty of her smile and provided facial support to remove years from her appearance.

Tim W.'s Smile Makeover

Tim's case was very interesting in that it involved many different types of procedures carefully planned to provide the result he sought. A simple orthodontic procedure closed the space between his front teeth. Tim's loose baby tooth at his right lateral incisor was removed and replaced by an implant-supported, all-porcelain crown. And, the canine which was in his left lateral incisor position was simply bonded and reshaped to look “right.” Our entire team believes Tim's new smile fits his happy, outgoing personality much better now—and Tim likes it too!