Gum Disease Treatment

Dr. Nadler can help you with your gum disease.

Dr. Nadler, DMD, FAGD, is trained in advanced techniques and procedures that can help you with mild to moderate gum disease, and some more advanced issues.

Gum disease is a bacterial infection of the gums that can affect not only the health of your gums and teeth but also your gum health is related to the health of the rest of your body. Most people are unaware of the exact condition of their mouth and gums. Dr. Nadler will peform a complete assessment of your gums and determine your treatment plan to return your gums to full health and function.

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Gentle, laser gum treatment

Laser Gum Treatment, Hillsborough

Our hygienists will give you thorough and gentle deep cleanings.

The first step in treating gum disease is to get "deep cleanings" (scaling and root planing) in those areas which have infection. In conjunction with the deep cleanings, Dr. Nadler uses a medication called Arestin® which is placed in diseased pockets around the teeth to kill bacteria and to help in reducing the depth of the pockets. Patients are seen for regular cleanings and monitored for changes in their gum health.

Dr. Nadler also utilizes a diode laser in the treatment of localized periodontal disease. The laser is used to remove diseased tissue from periodontal pockets which can then heal with healthy new tissue. It has been an amazing addition for effectively treating gums and has helped patients with more severe gum disease. Treatment with the laser is not painful and generally causes no little bleeding.

In addition to using the laser to treat gum disease, Dr. Nadler can reshape the gum line, remove growths, aid impression taking, treat cold sores to heal quickly, and many other procedures.


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What is Gum Disease?

Gum disease is caused by a bacterial infection of the teeth and gums. It is the number one cause of adult tooth loss in North America.

When your gums are healthy, they have a nice, pink coloring and do not bleed during regular care. If you do not remove the bacteria sufficiently, the stages of gum disease will begin.


Stages of Gum Disease

Stages of Gum Disease
  1. When plaque and tartar build up around the teeth, gum disease begins. Bacteria creep down into your gums and cause bleeding and inflammation. This is fully reversible.
  2. These deposits are now on the roots and go deeper down the gums. This creates a split between the tooth and the gum itself.
  3. As this build-up progresses, the bacteria begin to infect and destroy the jaw bone around the tooth.
  4. At this stage, bone destruction is at its worst and the teeth become loosened and shift around. Bad breath is common and chewing may be difficult.

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