“I am Just Amazed With How My Teeth Look!"

“Thank you very much for the smile. I am just amazed with how my teeth look. You are an artist! I have been living with these for about fifty years and really never thought that they looked that bad, but what a difference I see with the "after". Please also thank Liz for her efforts with getting this procedure approved through my insurance plan. And don't forget to thank your wonderful, caring staff that always seemed to go the extra distance to make me feel comfortable.”

– Charles

Natural Looking and Feeling Dentures

Natural Looking and Feeling Dentures

Comfortable and aesthetic dentures made just for you

If you are struggling with your dentures and want a more aesthetically pleasing smile despite dentures Dr. Nadler can help you.

Dentures and partial dentures are removable appliances which rest on the gums. These help to restore biting function by replacing missing teeth but are often not very natural looking. Some people find these appliances to be uncomfortable and/or unstable. Dr. Nadler uses special techniques from his advanced post-graduate training as a cosmetic dentist, as well as an amazing dental lab, to improve the comfort of your dentures and appearance of your smile.

Dr. Nadler can improve your smile using MicroDental Dentures

Dr. Nadler can improve your smile using MicroDental Dentures.

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