“I am Just Amazed With How My Teeth Look!"

“Thank you very much for the smile. I am just amazed with how my teeth look. You are an artist! I have been living with these for about fifty years and really never thought that they looked that bad, but what a difference I see with the "after". Please also thank Liz for her efforts with getting this procedure approved through my insurance plan. And don't forget to thank your wonderful, caring staff that always seemed to go the extra distance to make me feel comfortable.”

– Charles

Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding

One appointment dental bonding might the right choice for you if you have cracked, chipped teeth.

What does dental bonding fix? A better alternative for you?

What is dental bonding?

Dental bonding is a procedure where Dr. Nadler uses a thin coat of tooth-colored composite resin and places it on the front of your teeth to repair any imperfections that you may have.

Swift, knowledgeable dental care

Instant straight, beautiful teeth

Instant straight, beautiful teeth!

Dr. Nadler is very experienced in the process of creating natural, aesthetic smiles using dental bonding. He has performed hundreds of treatments with fantastic results. He uses these mainly for repairing your teeth that are getting worn or chipped and to close minor spaces.

Handling flaws in your teeth with dental bonding is a good alternative to more lengthy, costly cosmetic procedures.

He might suggest bonding for you. He will apply the bonding material, match your shade of tooth color and sculpt and polish your teeth in just one visit!

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What can dental bonding fix?

  • Smooth out imperfections
  • Fill gaps
  • Whiten teeth
  • Repair chipped teeth
  • Repair cracked teeth
  • Repair decayed teeth
  • Reshape disfigured or worn teeth

Cosmetic dental bonding may be a better alternative for you

Cosmetic bonding is a more affordable alternative to porcelain veneers. They last 5 to 10 years with proper care. Anesthesia is not always necessary, unless filling a decaying tooth. There is little advance preparation needed, as well.

This patient was not happy with the unattractive appearance of her two front teeth. Not only were they uneven and worn, but an old filling was rather stained, detracting from a confident smile. Replacing the old filling and restoring the two edges of these teeth with "bonding" made quite a difference.

Kelli loves to be on stage either acting or singing. She felt that her teeth could look better as they were worn and a bit uneven. She also wanted them to be their whitest. So, we completed a teeth bleaching procedure. And then bonded her upper front teeth to make them even and shaped to enhance her smile while taking a few years off her appearance!

It had been some time since this patient had seen a dentist. There had been much damage to the outer enamel layer of her teeth making them look dark, prematurely old, and unattractive. Composite in-office bonding was completed on six upper and six lower front teeth to improve the appearance of these teeth, as well as to help protect them from additional damage. This patient is ecstatic because of her new look which turned back the clock!

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To make an appointment, call us at (908) 359-6655 or click here to request an appointment online.