“I experienced professionalism and a relaxing atmosphere. The staff is very friendly.

“I was able to handle bite issues, teeth grinding and jaw discomfort. The full mouth reconstruction I received helped to resolve frequent headaches. Now, I find it easy to care for my teeth and to maintain mouth health.”

– Toni Rehe

BriteSmile Whitening

BriteSmile Teeth Whitening

Revolutionary teeth whitening in just
an hour and a half!

Up to 6-10
shades whiter!

No need to hide your teeth any longer!

The revolutionary teeth whitening system, BriteSmile, is clinically proven to improve the shade of your teeth by an average of 9 shades.

Since one of the first things people notice about you is your smile, it is nice to feel confident and comfortable with smiling and laughing around your family, friends and co-workers.

Unfortunately, in life, by drinking coffee, wine, tea, smoking or eating foods that stain your teeth, they lose their natural brightness. And, teeth naturally get darker as we get older.

If you find yourself looking at your teeth and feeling that you would like to enhance their brightness and whiteness, BriteSmile may be right for you. BriteSmile offers convenient procedural time with amazingly natural results!

Become one of the millions of clients that agree!