“I experienced professionalism and a relaxing atmosphere. The staff is very friendly.

“I was able to handle bite issues, teeth grinding and jaw discomfort. The full mouth reconstruction I received helped to resolve frequent headaches. Now, I find it easy to care for my teeth and to maintain mouth health.”

– Toni Rehe

Ivoclar Navigator Diode Laser

Ivoclar Navigator Diode Laser

The Ivoclar Navigator Diode Laser is a minimally invasive instrument that Dr. Nadler uses to provide gentle treatment of the soft tissues and gums in your mouth.

It is state-of-the-art in dental technology and is used during minor surgical and cosmetic procedures. Using this laser reduces healing time and there is virtually no pain or bleeding

Additionally, this laser reduces bacteria in the surgical areas at the same time.

What is amazing is that the overall procedure is geared towards making your procedure comfortable and as pain-free as possible with a shorter healing time.

This remarkable diode laser helps in treating cold sores and canker sores so that healing time is much shorter! It also disinfects periodontal pockets and as well may be used in cosmetic gum procedures.